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Radcliffe Shore Hatchery Competition

Hey y'all!!! It seems that 2017 has been moving so fast and I haven't had the time to slow down at all!  Can you believe that almost half the year is gone already?  The last time I put a post out was in February, I can't believe that was about 3 months ago. During this… Continue reading Radcliffe Shore Hatchery Competition



Hey! Hey! Hey! So if you follow me on Instagram you know that I built a farmhouse table!  YAY! YAY!  I am so excited that I was able to complete this project and I love it! So let me start with how I decided to build a farmhouse table.  There were two different challenges that… Continue reading I BUILT a TABLE!!!


Moving Along…

Hey Everyone! Today I promised you some pretty pictures and that is what I have for you.  Last week I had suffered a migraine and that put a halt on the progression of Dior's room and on the blog.  I'm back y'all! I was able to do some planning and working last week and although… Continue reading Moving Along…


Any Progress is Progress…

Hey Everyone! So last week I told you guys that I had to order new parts for Dior’s crib and that it would take 7-10 days, well it arrived on Saturday!! That customer service, I tell you, is the BEST!  No I didn’t put the crib together because I didn’t think that it would arrive… Continue reading Any Progress is Progress…


Dior’s Room Update and Other Things…

Hey! So we are in the process of getting Dior’s room painted today, YAY!!  I don’t have pictures yet, but they will be on the blog next week.  Tonight I will put her crib/toddler bed together and that will help me decide where everything else will go.  I still need to purchase the wardrobe and… Continue reading Dior’s Room Update and Other Things…


When Life Throws You Lemons….

Hey Everyone! This week I was a supposed to show an update of Dior’s room, but life got the best of me and I haven’t been able to touch the room, hence the ‘lemons’ reference, lol.  They say if you are thrown lemons you should make lemon cocktails or pink lemonade, right! So instead of… Continue reading When Life Throws You Lemons….


Epic Fail…UGH!

Hey y’all! I’m sure you all have heard of the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”. Well that’s where we are today, LOL.  One of my projects was truly an epic fail! Let me start from the beginning. I came up with this idea that I wanted foot stools not only for décor, but for actual use… Continue reading Epic Fail…UGH!


Dorm Series – “PRETTY/FUN” Stationery

Hey Guys! Wow time is moving FAST! Some of our students have already started school and some haven’t. My kids start next week and I am a bit excited. The oldest and only fella will be starting 8th grade and the oldest Diva will be starting 6th grade at a new school and she will… Continue reading Dorm Series – “PRETTY/FUN” Stationery


Dorm Series – “Pretty” Organization

Hey Everyone! Last week I showed a few pictures of items that can make your dorm room more attractive.  I also gave my version of the 9 essentials each dorm room needs. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it.  Today’s Dorm Series excites me because it’s about ORGANIZATION and not just any organizing,… Continue reading Dorm Series – “Pretty” Organization


Dorm Series – What’s Your Style & Needs…

Hey Everyone! Can you believe that it is August already? For some, this time of year brings mixed emotions. Some kids are sad because school starts; some are elated because they are starting a new school, whether it is middle or high school or even college.  Parents are ecstatic because the kids are back on… Continue reading Dorm Series – What’s Your Style & Needs…