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Radcliffe Shore Hatchery Competition

Hey y’all!!!

It seems that 2017 has been moving so fast and I haven’t had the time to slow down at all!  Can you believe that almost half the year is gone already?  The last time I put a post out was in February, I can’t believe that was about 3 months ago.

During this time of not blogging I have been figuring out where my business is going and trying to develop a good schedule to do all of the things that my business incorporates and requires.  There are so many parts to Compassionately Creative.  I have the Sew Passionately Creative classes for all ages.  I also have a summer camp and after school program entitled STEAM While Sewing that will start in the 2017-2018 school year.  Then I have the #SewSlick clutch line and the blog.  This is a lot to handle, but I will say that I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with others!  Regardless of what I choose to focus on, teaching will always be in front.

Another reason that I haven’t had the time to blog is because I was entering two pitch competitions.  One of the competitions focused on STEAM While Sewing, whereas the other competition focused on Compassionately Creative as a whole.  I didn’t win the competition for STEAM While Sewing.  Although I was little sad, I had to realize that I was only giving them hope and visions because they weren’t able see how great this program is since it hasn’t started yet.  I will say the Warnock Foundation pitch competition was a great starter competition because I had 5 minutes to give my pitch and there were only 5 people there and there wasn’t a lot of paperwork needed.

The second pitch competition, which was the Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery Competition, was a doosey because there was so much paperwork!  This competition didn’t require a business plan, but with the questions that were asked I pretty much created a business plan.  I was so relieved that I received a call to come pitch my business in person on April 20th. Once I got to the pitch competition the stress started all over again! There were 17 business there to compete.  I had 1 minute to pitch and the judges had 6 minutes to question me.  I was thinking there would be 5-6 judges, but there was about 25 people/judges in the room!  The entire 7 minutes ended up being fun.  I think the judges had fun with me and my energy.

Ratcliffe Shore Hatchery Spring 2017-A

Within the same day all of the competitors would find out if they had won.  I was the second to be announced!! I was so confused because I didn’t think I would be chosen because there were a lot of great businesses there.  By the way, my pitch coach and makeup artist, Takia Ross owner of Accessmatized, also won!! She is standing right in front of me.

The overall experience of both competitions was wonderful and I can’t wait to compete again!



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