Smitten with Rose`

Hey everybody, welcome to the Compassionately Creative blog! I am so happy to see you all.  This is my first official blog post and hopefully one of many.

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Do you see the picture above, well I call her Rose`.

I am so smitten with her because she is big and beautiful! Do you see that brass hardware? YESSSSSS! Campaign dressers are the best, whether they are painted or left in their original state. Here is her before…


Rose` – Sitting Lonely @ the Second Chance store

What did I do to change Rose`?

  1. Remove the hardware and drawers.
  2. Scrape the edge front of the dresser off. It had to go because it was chipped and the paint wasn’t going to be smooth.
  3. Patch up any holes. I didn’t have any wood filler on hand so I used DAP DryDex Spackle (the one that is pink and then changes to white when it dries) and then I sanded it smooth.
  4. Washed the dresser with Dawn dish liquid and water.
  5. Sanded the entire dresser with my new Ryobi Cat Corner sander, using a 60 grit sand paper.
  6. Wiped Rose` down a tack cloth and wet rag and let her dry.
  7. Painted with Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Latex Primer, 2 times and let it dry. Since I was working outside she dried pretty fast, then I sanded her down again with a fine grit sanding block. Then I wiped her down with a tack cloth and wet rag again.
  8. Then I painted her 3 times with Sherwin Williams DURATION Home. The color was Rose Dust, which was originally a Lowe’s Valspar color.
  9. Finally, I painted on Minwax Polycrylic Semi-gloss with a Blue Hawk brush
  10. While the Polycrylic was drying I cleaned the drawers with Old Murphy Oil Soap and water.
  11. Rose` dried for 2 hours and she was ready to go!
  12. As far as the hardware, I used Bar Keepers Friend and water.

I use Rose` for “PRETTY” organization in my dining room.  She holds my China, cake pans, disposable plates, paper towels, and cast iron pans.




2 thoughts on “Smitten with Rose`”

  1. Hi Dawn!

    I hope all is well. I met you at the networking event with X Society. I’m happy to see you doing the damn thing! I love your D.I.Y work!! The Newley remodeled dresser is awesome. Just wanted to comend you on a job well done. Keep it lady! Peace and Blessings. Shantrice


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