Creativity & Mental Health


Hey Everyone!

Recently, I have been writing about mental health because May is mental health awareness month. Some of you know that I teach others how to sew and for those that don’t know here is my introduction to you, I am a sewing teacher! I currently have a studio with 8 sewing machines, 4 sergers, and 1 embroidery machine. Sewing is a creative art that allows you to zone out and focus on your current project. So how is mental health and sewing related??

Here are 5 mental health benefits…

Benefit #1:

Sewing is known to be a stress reliever because it causes dopamine levels to increase. Dopamine is a substance within the brain that is referred to as the “reward chemical” because it regulates moods and feelings of pleasure. With the increase of dopamine levels sewing becomes a natural anti-depressant and will possibly leave you feeling happy.

Benefit #2:

Sewing promotes self-esteem. Self-esteem is established when the sewist not only learns a new skill, but they are able to use that skill to complete a project. The completed sewing project may be for themselves or for someone else, but when others recognize and appreciate that the project has been handmade and is from the heart the sewist will gain confidence and happiness.

Benefit #3:

Sewing can assist in trauma recovery. After experiencing a trauma many people have problems with focusing and concentration, which include easy day-to-day tasks. Sewing actually helps a person to learn to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Sewing also helps them to relax and push their stress out of the way.

Benefits #4:

Sewing can help to improve social life and skills. Once a sewist starts to enjoy sewing they begin to reach out to others who also sew. There are many sewing groups all over the country that meet regularly to sew together and they have built strong relationships with each other.

Benefits #5:

Sewing has the same benefits as concentration meditation. Concentration meditation is all about focusing on one thing. With concentration meditation it is important to start slow and the same goes for sewing. A beginner sewist can start on small projects such as a tote bag, zippered pouch, or blanket. These small projects can help the sewist to gain confidence while learning to focus and improve skills.


So can sewing make you happy?!? I believe it can! Sewing provides not only emotional, but physical and educational benefits. If you want to start sewing give me a ring or comment below!



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