Dior’s Room Progress…Trials & Tribulations

Hey Good Afternoon! I’m very proud to say that I am making progress with Dior’s room, YES! So far the room has been painted and the new light is up and I love it!! I don’t have pictures of the light because I forgot to take them and the natural lighting was off, so the… Continue reading Dior’s Room Progress…Trials & Tribulations


Dior’s Room Update and Other Things…

Hey! So we are in the process of getting Dior’s room painted today, YAY!!  I don’t have pictures yet, but they will be on the blog next week.  Tonight I will put her crib/toddler bed together and that will help me decide where everything else will go.  I still need to purchase the wardrobe and… Continue reading Dior’s Room Update and Other Things…


When Life Throws You Lemons….

Hey Everyone! This week I was a supposed to show an update of Dior’s room, but life got the best of me and I haven’t been able to touch the room, hence the ‘lemons’ reference, lol.  They say if you are thrown lemons you should make lemon cocktails or pink lemonade, right! So instead of… Continue reading When Life Throws You Lemons….