Epic Fail…UGH!


Hey y’all!

I’m sure you all have heard of the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”. Well that’s where we are today, LOL.  One of my projects was truly an epic fail! Let me start from the beginning. I came up with this idea that I wanted foot stools not only for décor, but for actual use in the living room.  I like to put my feet up when I’m watching TV, but I don’t want to put them up on the sofa.  So I saw an inspiration that I felt would fit into my décor. White faux fur foot stools would bring a clean look and texture to the room.  Once again at my favorite store, Home Goods, I came across white faux fur rugs at the great price of $14.99.  I couldn’t beat that!  Now originally I didn’t purchase these for the stools, but after seeing the inspiration below the ideas were flying through my head.

Now back to “Humpty Dumpty”. So I assembled my foot stools and they were adorable! I loved the look and the location of the stools.  The problem was when I went to use them, LMTO!!!  I put my foot on the stool and immediately it fell over and not just that, but the legs fell off!  First it was one leg and then it was the other leg.  “Humpty Dumpty” has had a great fall and no matter how many times I screwed those legs back in “Humpty Dumpty” just couldn’t be put back together again!  This destroyed the design and look of the center of my living room. I drilled another hole, I used E-6000, I used crazy glue, but nothing worked.

The AHH…HHA moment finally came. I needed to attach the metal plates and screw the legs into the plates! Took me long enough, LOL.  Now the kids can sit on the stools and I can prop my feet up…YES!! My design has all come together. “If you fail at first, try, try, try again” and you shall exceed.

So what do you need to make this foot stool?

Well, here’s the list:

  1. 2 Foam Pieces (Joann Fabrics)
  2. Spray Adhesive (Amazon, Wal-Mart)
  3. Faux Fur Rug (IKEA, Home Goods, Marshalls, T.J Max)
  4. 4 End Table Legs (Lowe’s)
  5. Edge Glued Round Pine Board (Lowe’s)
  6. 4 Angled Metal Table Leg Plates (Lowe’s)
  7. Electric or Air Stapler (Harbor Freight Tools) (easier to use)
  8. Drill and Drill Bits (Home Depot)


How do you make it?

Easy directions listed below (I forgot to take pictures of steps 1-5, use your imagination):

  1. Lay foam on floor and lay pine board on foam.
  2. Trace around the pine board, then cut out the tracing.
  3. Spray adhesive on pine board and place cut out foam on pine board.
  4. Put faux fur rug over round pine board and make sure that you have enough to cover the edge of the board.
  5. Flip the round pine board over and staple the faux fur rug to the bottom edge of the pine board.
  6. Mark 4 different corners of the pine board with a pencil, this will be where you install the angle metal table leg plates.
  7. Using the screws provided, install the 4 angle metal table leg plates.
  8. Screw the legs into the metal plates.
  9. Wahlaa…you are done!


If this tutorial was too vague there two more great tutorials you could follow. One tutorial is written by Mandi Johnson and the other tutorial is written by Laura Gummerman! Both faux fur stools are on A Beautiful Mess blog! Love the style and simplicity of both!! Aren’t they adorable?

If you see inspiration go for it! Check DIY blogs and Pinterest for ideas and tutorials. If you DIY an inspiration let me know about it, maybe I want to try it.




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