Dorm Series – “PRETTY/FUN” Stationery

Hey Guys!
Wow time is moving FAST! Some of our students have already started school and some haven’t. My kids start next week and I am a bit excited. The oldest and only fella will be starting 8th grade and the oldest Diva will be starting 6th grade at a new school and she will be using public transportation, YIKES!

This is the third part of the Dorm Series, “PRETTY/FUN” Stationery! When you hear the word “stationery” many tend to think about greeting cards, notepads, and envelopes, but stationary can also include folders, pens, pencils, and notebooks. You know I love anything that’s pretty and organized. So I was in my favorite store again, HOME GOODS, and they had a few cute stationary pieces. Look below…

Who couldn’t use some great looking folders, notebooks, notepads, and pencils?

When I am looking for something pretty as far as decor, whether it’s for my house, business, or kids, I tend to start at Home Goods because they have great items at great prices. After that first pit stop, I tend to jump online for everything else, maybe a particular blog for something DIY or a website that specializes in the items that I crave. Have you ever heard of See Jane Work? Well this company has its own website, but Office Depot also carries their brand in the store and online and the prices are great. This brand was created to “offer working women the tools to manage their time efficiently, get and stay organized all while being successful in whatever they choose to do”. I love the items they offer, well, because they are “PRETTY”. Here are a few that yourself or your young lady or even young gentleman could use.

Days of the Week Folders/Days of the Week Sticky Notes/Geometric Folders/Project Folders

Grey Desk Set/Bow Tie Paper Clips/Kate Spade Eraser Set/Gold Binder Clips

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook/See Jane Work Journal/See Jane Work Stripe Binder

Another website that I like is I like them because their design is simple and budget friendly. Ain’t nothing like saving money! Something else I like about Poppin is that it’s for everyone, guys and gals. Check out a few of their items…

Monogram Small Notebook/Metallic Folders/Assorted Ink Pens/Assorted File & Hanging Folders/Kaleidoscope Notebook


I hope that these Dorm Series over the past few weeks have inspired you to design a great dorm room/bedroom, organize your space, or choose fun stationery. If any of these posts have inspired you please take the time to comment below.



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