About Me

Hey everybody I’m Dawn and I’m on a mission to conquer my crafts, well at least 3 of them, all while being a Mom of 3, wife of 1, full-time worker, minister of Jehovah, and maintaining cuteness. What are my crafts you say? Well I sew, build things out of wood, and decorate, you know the #RobinHoodofDIY, well that’s me.

All of this sounds like a lot, well I’m here to tell you it is! I love it all because it makes me happy. Learning to balance all of this is the issue, so I thought writing about it would help me to find balance and continue finding satisfaction. Even though, I may not “always”, okay, EVER, get my To Do List completely checked off I try my best and I was taught that as long as you try your best that is all that matters, right?

My goal is to make you SMILE and maybe even laugh or giggle a bit all while smiling with my red MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. Come along on this journey with me and get Inspired, Intrigued, Informed, and Empowered.

Let’s connect and help each other along the way #innovate2create.




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