Better Late Than Never…I Guess

Hey y’all!

So my smallest Diva, Dior, has been here for almost 2 years and guess what, I haven’t completed her room, YET!!!

Yes, yes I suck, but life has gotten the best of me since the day I went into labor.  See she came too early, about 3-4 weeks to be exact.  I had all kinds of plans before my scheduled C-section.  I was supposed to get my hair braided, have her room done and move our room to the basement, ALL before she was born.  Of course, it never works out like that for me… whomp, whomp.  So now the month of September is devoted to Dior’s room, which is also her birth month (my heart just skipped a beat). The other reason that her room has not been completed is because I always have a plan and I’m sort of a perfectionist, so this calls for lots of work and who likes lots of work, patiently waiting…OK no one!

What am I going for??

Well, I want a cute girl’s room that she can keep for quite a while. I’m going for pastel colors with a pop of sparkle.  The pastels are mint and pink and the sparkle will shine through the gold accents.


My inspiration is built around the crib.  I loved the vintage look of the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib and I just had to have it! My mother purchased it from Buy Buy Baby.  The ceiling will be painted in Hopeful and the walls will be painted in Breaktime. I use Sherwin Williams paint because they have a brand that is called Harmony and it has a zero VOC formula, which reduces the odor. I also love Sherwin Williams because when you join Paint Perks all of your purchases including your paint colors are saved for future reference. The Karat Gold colored paint from Target will be used on accents. I am still deciding on the area rugs.  I do know that I want to have the layered effect.  On the room board below I have two rugs that I really like and I will have to decide between them. The multicolored rug is from Target and the Zebra print rug is from Overstock. Once I decide on the rug then I will place a larger solid colored rug under.


An issue that I am dealing with is clothing storage. Her closet is so small, so I will need to purchase a wardrobe. I love wardrobes 1 & 3, but I believe that 2 & 4 are very practical because of the pull out drawers.  They are all from IKEA and they are cost friendly.  For the wardrobes with door or drawer pulls I will replace them with the feather drawer pulls from Target.




Dior also has a kitchen set that I will makeover as well.  I found so many inspirations for that on Apartment Therapy. The green and below kitchens below are from Blue Eyed Yonder and The Crafting Chicks. I could not find the original link for the pink and grey kitchen, but I think its adorable!


Top Left//Top Right//Bottom

So far this is where I am with Dior’s room inspiration.  Later on I will post inspirations about the bedding. If you like any of the items or even if you could help me choose the rug or wardrobe that would be a BIG help!




4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never…I Guess”

  1. Which one is long enough for bigger size clothes to hang? Can a dress (non-toddler size) fit ? Just thinking about 5 years from now, will she still be able to use it. The drawers are nice but if there are shelves you can put baskets/bins on the shelves for clothes too. I like the style of #1 or #3…not just a white box.


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