Creativity & Mental Health

Hey Everyone! Recently, I have been writing about mental health because May is mental health awareness month. Some of you know that I teach others how to sew and for those that don’t know here is my introduction to you, I am a sewing teacher! I currently have a studio with 8 sewing machines, 4… Continue reading Creativity & Mental Health


GAS Yourself Up With SELF-CARE

Let’s talk self-care! When someone mentions “self-care” many think about a spa day, going to the gym, or even eating right.  The items mentioned previously can be referred to as self-care, but I think we should think a little deeper.   Within the hyphenated word self-care is the word “self”, so whatever we choose to do… Continue reading GAS Yourself Up With SELF-CARE


Finding Happiness…vs. Balance

Hey Everyone!! Boy have I missed you guys. Life has been crazy and moving at full speed and I am working at catching up. It has been a fun drive through life though. I have been trying to find balance with home, work, and business. Although, I may sum my responsibilities up in three words… Continue reading Finding Happiness…vs. Balance