Moving Along…

Hey Everyone!

Today I promised you some pretty pictures and that is what I have for you.  Last week I had suffered a migraine and that put a halt on the progression of Dior’s room and on the blog.  I’m back y’all!


I was able to do some planning and working last week and although I’m not finished, ugh, I am so ecstatic with what I was doing that I posted a few sneak peeks on my Instagram.  Hopefully, you are following me there because I have pictures of other projects that I am doing besides Dior’s room.  I even ask for feedback from you guys!  So check me out at compassionatelycreative on Instagram.  Hey tag me in some of your projects!

Okay, so the crib/toddler bed is still not up, nope not yet.  See I had this plan that I was going to have enough space to move things around and do this and do that, but when I went up to that room and saw the amount of space I actually had, all I could do was shake my head.  So when the floor doesn’t have enough space you move to the WALLS!  Mentally I knew where I wanted the book shelves to go, so I started there.  I purchased these 30″ clear display shelves.  These shelves have to pre-drilled holes, one at each end to install into the wall.  I also loved the price and they came fast also.



Nothing is never easy for me. So my house was built in the 1940’s I believe and truthfully don’t know how they put the walls up. I believe the walls are mostly plaster and don’t get me started on the studs, WHERE ARE THEY?!?!  So I had to use 1×3 wood and concrete nails to get my shelves up.  Yes the wood took away from the beauty of the acrylic shelf, but hey once the books are up you can’t even tell that wood is there.


Next came the gallery wall.  I showed you in week before last post the gallery wall items.  All the items came from Hobby Lobby except for the “Love You MORE than all the STARS” canvas, which came from my fav, HomeGoods, but you already knew.  I wanted to keep it simple, even though simple is not my thing.  So I planned out the look and posted it on Instagram for some help, one person responded (thanks Terrina), lol, and I went with it.


gallery_lights_onThe gallery wall went right above the book shelves.  I LOVE it!  I love how the “Sweet Dreams” cloud lights up.  I will definitely be using that at night. I will also be putting the rocking chair here, so Dior can pick her book, we will read and I will rock her to sleep. What do you guys think??


The last item that I worked on in Dior’s room was the pegboard.  This was a fun project because the oldest Diva, Dallas, assisted.  We rarely get to do projects together because she is either at school or gets distracted. I let her pick the colors.  I decided on the designs in the middle.  It came together really nice.


I took some 1×2’s and built a quick frame on the wall and then screws the pegboard to it.  This will have trim, I just haven’t finished it yet.  What color do you think the trim should be?  By the way, if you want a tutorial on installing pegboard let me know.

I haven’t been able to work on Dior’s room this week, because of the Instagram Builders Challenge(#igbuilderschallenge).  I am building a dining room table and it has to be completed by 10/24.  I’ll share the completed project next week.  Check my Instagram though!




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