Creativity & Mental Health

Hey Everyone! Recently, I have been writing about mental health because May is mental health awareness month. Some of you know that I teach others how to sew and for those that don’t know here is my introduction to you, I am a sewing teacher! I currently have a studio with 8 sewing machines, 4… Continue reading Creativity & Mental Health


GAS Yourself Up With SELF-CARE

Let’s talk self-care! When someone mentions “self-care” many think about a spa day, going to the gym, or even eating right.  The items mentioned previously can be referred to as self-care, but I think we should think a little deeper.   Within the hyphenated word self-care is the word “self”, so whatever we choose to do… Continue reading GAS Yourself Up With SELF-CARE

mental health awareness

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Last week on Instagram MJ Three & Co posted a shirt they created that said “It’s okay to not be okay” and I had to let that sink in a bit. I like the statement because so many of us are trying to constantly hide sadness or even anger just to make everything appear okay.… Continue reading It’s Okay to Not be Okay