When Life Throws You Lemons….


Hey Everyone!

This week I was a supposed to show an update of Dior’s room, but life got the best of me and I haven’t been able to touch the room, hence the ‘lemons’ reference, lol.  They say if you are thrown lemons you should make lemon cocktails or pink lemonade, right! So instead of sulking about the fact that I didn’t get strawberries or watermelons (because they are my favorite fruits) and skipping a post this week, I decided to serve y’all some lemonade with sugar.

So everyone knows I love pretty items that help you organize or stash your crap, I meant belongings. I am also CHEAP, I mean FRUGAL! The item below covers all the bases.  Is there anyone who is addicted to Lysol or Clorox wipes (hand raised) or is that just me? Any who, those containers are great! By the way, who keeps the plastic grocery bags from the market? Yes, yes I know they are not environmentally safe, but I know some of you have left your reusable grocery bags home and had to get the plastic grocery bags instead. Well, I keep those bags for later use, but storing them is horrendous! Today’s tutorial will help with that!

What you will need for this creation…

  1. Empty Lysol/Clorox container
  2. Wrapping paper, contact paper, or scrap booking paper
  3. Tape or Mod Podge for adhesive
  4. Foam Brush to apply adhesive
  5. Scissors
  6. plastic grocery bags

Now I will not bore you with the all the ins and outs because Jennifer at TaterTots and Jello has a great tutorial on her blog for this creation!  Jennifer’s way of inserting the bags into the container is WAY more organized than mine, I stuffed my bags in the container one by one, lol.  She laid her bags flat and wrapped them up. I’m doing this next time for sure. Check it out! Let me know which way you chose to insert your bags.

TaterTots and Jello

Here is how my container turned out!

I love this pretty organization creation! It safe to say I’m well on my way to being pretty organized! This was by far the EASIEST project ever!

P.S. I used contact paper because less mess = less stress, smile. Also, you can spray paint the lid any color you would like in order to match your decorative paper. I may do that, but I kinda like the yellow and gray.



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