Dorm Series – What’s Your Style & Needs…

Hey Everyone!

Can you believe that it is August already? For some, this time of year brings mixed emotions. Some kids are sad because school starts; some are elated because they are starting a new school, whether it is middle or high school or even college.  Parents are ecstatic because the kids are back on a routine.  With my need to be creative, I get excited about decorating dorm rooms, bedrooms, and lockers.  For the next few weeks, I will be talking about dorm style and “pretty” organization. Let’s start with style…

A few weeks ago I was at HomeGoods and I saw some of the cutest bohemian items and I thought to myself, “Wow, these would look great in a dorm room!”  When I think of the bohemian theme, I think of a beautiful array of colors with a mix of metal tones. I also think of string lights hanging around the room and maybe even a wall tapestry. Below are the items that I found at Home Goods. Would you put these in your dorm or your kid’s dorm?

Bohemian is not the only style that has appealed to me.  I love the glitz and glam and the laid back look.  It is important that whatever you choose to do in your dorm room or even your bedroom, that you make it YOURS.  You want to always have a happy place, happy space; this is where you will be living, studying, and chilling (no Netflix, lol), so you have to be happy with it.

I really liked this dorm room done by The DIY Playbook. They cover my 9 essentials for a great dorm room space.  I really love the colors also! The fabulous inspiration is below, go over here and check out the end result!


What are my 9 essential dorm room needs? Some of these tie into one another.

  1. Comfort – pillows, bedding, carpet/rug
  2. Storage – ottomans, benches, trunks
  3. Seating – stools, ottomans, benches, trunks, puffs
  4. Organization – hooks, bins, holders, laundry, bathroom, caddy
  5. Study – cork-board, pegboard, chalkboard, lighting
  6. Color – walls, bedding, lighting
  7. Home – pictures, small nick knacks
  8. Inspiration – quotes
  9. Life – plants, small pet (fish, box turtle)

These essentials are what make your house away from home an actual home. We will talk more about these essentials in the upcoming weeks. I hope these inspirations get your gears grinding!!




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