Dior’s Room Update and Other Things…


So we are in the process of getting Dior’s room painted today, YAY!!  I don’t have pictures yet, but they will be on the blog next week.  Tonight I will put her crib/toddler bed together and that will help me decide where everything else will go.  I still need to purchase the wardrobe and rug, but that will be sometime next week.  I am hoping to put a lot of time into this room in the next two weeks so that I can move on to another great project that I have planned.  I can’t wait to share that project with you guys, it is HOT!!! Anyway, here is a reminder of Dior’s mood-board…


I wanted to talk a little bit about me and things that I love.  There are some things I have that I consider precious, besides my family and my photos, my SEWING MACHINE and POWER TOOLS.  If I had more money I would own a studio in a warehouse building where I would setup a sewing studio and a wood-shop or better yet a SHE SHED!  Right now, my back porch is my wood-shop and since our bedroom is in the basement I have a small space for my sewing studio.  These spaces puts limits on when I use my sewing machine and my “wood-shop”.  It’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter for the “wood-shop”.  There is not enough natural lighting in the basement for me to get inspired to sew.  I need to be inspired…Check out the inspirations below…




Since I am limited with my hobbies, I live vicariously through others, LOL!  Jen Woodhouse from House of Wood is one of the people I live through.  Here blog is wonderful!  I love the wood plans that she has on the blog.

blog-headshotMy favorite wood plan is the Evelyn Chevron bed.  It is so pretty and handsome at the same time.  I can see that bed in my room and in my oldest fellas room.  Not only does she have a blog, but she has an Etsy shop where she sells woodcut words and names. If you know me and follow me you know that wood cut names are close to my heart because I have done a few and am doing one for Dior.  I have a list of blogs that I read DAILY and Jen Woodhouse is definitely on that list.  Check her blog out, especially if you are a DIYer!!

Make sure you come back next week to see the progress of Dior’s room!



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