Dorm Series – “Pretty” Organization

Hey Everyone!

Last week I showed a few pictures of items that can make your dorm room more attractive.  I also gave my version of the 9 essentials each dorm room needs. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it.  Today’s Dorm Series excites me because it’s about ORGANIZATION and not just any organizing, but “pretty” organizing.  I personally feel that if I organize and don’t make it pretty in some way that I have wasted my time (crazy, I know!).  Also, let me say this, organizing can be “handsome” too! I mean boys do go to college, right???

In every place we choose to live or spend time we should have organization, whether chaotic or not. We need organization in the kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom, closet, and living room, to name just a few.  When you live in a dorm room all of those rooms are compacted into one space, so the need for organization is crucial! Some items will have to do double duty.  For example, storage now becomes storage and seating, desk space doubles as an office and kitchen table. Using the walls not only for pictures but also for storage is great!  The way you choose to design your room centers around what makes the most practical sense and what make you HAPPY.

Now let’s get to the meat of this post, pictures! Of course I was at my favorite store, HomeGoods when I can across a few of the items shown below.  Check your local HomeGoods for these items.

Remember to be practical…

  1. A napkin holder can be used for napkins or as a mail sorter.
  2. A magazine file holder can be used for magazines and books or to hold paper plates.
  3. A pocket shoe organizer can be used for shoes or to store snacks, medicines, or toiletries.
  4. A shower caddy can be used for toiletries or cleaning products.
  5. Shower curtain rings can be used to hang a shower curtain or to hang scarfs or tank tops.
  6. A storage trunk can be used for storage, but add a sheepskin rug or cushions and it becomes seating.
  7. A storage trunk cube can be used for storage, but also as a bedside table.

If you forgot to get some of these “pretty/handsome” organizing items for your college student, check the links below to order…

Suitcases/wicker baskets/storage trunk/storage cube/shower caddy/jewelry holder/jewelry plate/file organizer/laundry bins/ladder/closet storage system/storage ottoman

Have you picked up any of these items for your dorm room?  How are they working or not work for you?

Tune in nest week for the final Dorm Series – “pretty/handsome” school supplies.  Everyone could use that, I love “pretty” folders, notebooks, pencils, etc.!


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