Our Vision

Most do not believe they are creative and therefore they never take the time to experience the joy and benefits of creating.  Not only does creating bring happiness, but it can reduce stress, build self-confidence, promote pride, provide a life skill, and develop independence.

Founded in 2017, Compassionately Creative is a creative DIY business that not only creates beautiful things, but compassionately help those from ALL backgrounds to tap into their creative genius by trying and creating something new.  We want everyone to notice and give attention to the creative genius hidden within.  We are not concerned with developing sewing experts, we want to nurture perseverance and “Make It Work!” as Tim Gunn always says on Project Runway.

Compassionately Creative caters to women, men, youths, and those receiving rehabilitation therapy.  Currently, Compassionately Creative provides an energetic social environment with hands on learning that yields a fashionable self-sewn product.  The environment during these classes is fun, but relaxing because refreshments and wine or tea is provided along with the chosen fabric and supplies.