Any Progress is Progress…

Hey Everyone!

So last week I told you guys that I had to order new parts for Dior’s crib and that it would take 7-10 days, well it arrived on Saturday!! That customer service, I tell you, is the BEST!  No I didn’t put the crib together because I didn’t think that it would arrive so soon and it wasn’t on my TTD (things to do) list.  I work by a color coded post-it note list y’all.  If it isn’t on the list it don’t get done, you hear me, even though I have things on the list and they still don’t get done, but hey don’t judge me!  Well what did I do??  I completed only 2 things that I said I would in last week’s post.  Didn’t read last week’s post, check it out here!

I finished the crib skirt and a crib sheet.  The goal was to make two crib sheets, but I cut one of the fabric wrong (the gold dot fabric below is what I cut wrong), I guess I will have to make pillows out of that.  The crib skirt was tedious because of the ruffles ugh, but I LOVED the outcome.  It is so pretty.  The picture below does it no justice.  Once the crib is put together and I take the final pictures then you will be able to see the full effect.


The process of making the crib sheet was so cool! I learned how to do french seams.  I love french seams.  Now whenever I sew anything where the seams will be exposed, I will be doing a French seam.  There are many YouTube videos of how to do a French seam, but basically it’s when you enclose the raw edges within a little pocket so that they are no longer exposed (look below).  You don’t have to worry about the edges fraying and they look so professional.  Everyone has seen a French seam whether you know it or not.  If you are home or when you get home take a look at the inside corners of your bed sheet, that is a French seam.  I want to do my own video on making a crib sheet and doing a French seam.  Maybe the new moms or those who like to make personalized gifts for baby showers would enjoy the video.


Here are a few pictures of the actual room, yes it is a mess, but let your CREATIVE eye guide you, lol.

Here are a few of the pieces for her gallery wall.dscn1037dscn1033

This is Dior’s light switch plate, it came from Zulily (am I the only one who loves Zulily?).  I think it’s so cute.  It is just a little inspiration, even though she can’t quite reach it yet.


This weekend I have to get to work! I HAVE to put that crib together, put the shelves up, and do the gallery wall.




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